Public Policy and Advocacy

NAEYC is a leading voice for high-quality early childhood education supported by a diverse, dynamic early childhood profession. Along with Americans of all political, geographic, and demographic backgrounds, we are coming together to demand investments in hiqh-quality early childhood education and early childhood educators, because we know that will make America brighter, stronger, and more competitive.

Policy Priorities and Initiatives

Federal and State Agendas

How our nation can do better to create opportunities that help all children and families succeed.

Power to the Profession

High-quality educators drive high-quality early learning. 

America for Early Ed

Mobilize on behalf of high-quality early childhood education with other educators, leaders, parents, and allies.



Build Your Knowledge, Stay Updated, and Take Action!

Expand Your Public Policy Knowledge

Learn about federal programs and strategies to advance child care, early learning, and our current and future workforce. 

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Build Your Advocacy Skills

You have the passion. Now, gain the knowledge and skills to take your voice and advocacy efforts to new heights.

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Read our Federal Recommendations

Learn how NAEYC elevates decades of research and evidence in child development to inform and promote federal laws and policies.

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Explore the Children's Champions Archive

For years, NAEYC provided updates on federal and state early childhood policy issues via the Children's Champions. Explore this archive to learn more about our rich policy and advocacy history.

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Be an Advocate

Join together to raise a powerful, collective voice and mobilize on behalf of high-quality early childhood education and educators.

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The policies, standards, and practices NAEYC develops and advocates for are based on research and evidence in child development. Our organization's public policy work at the federal, state and local levels reflects the Association’s mission and strategic direction, position statementsstandards for early learning programsstandards for professional preparation programs, and other resources as well as research and evidence from the field. Our issue-driven advocacy is conducted directly with policymakers and through technical assistance, materials and other support to our Affiliates and partners working on shared public policy goals and efforts.