The Growth Principle
"The growth is in the path,
not at the finish line..."

Switch from a Goal Driven to a Growth Driven philosophy, and live your life today.

The GROWTH principle focuses on continuous improvement philosophy with handy awareness tools.  Its main intention is to shift from Goal Oriented drivers to a more fulfilling constant improvement process as a human being within all interaction phases of our existence. 

About the Author

Born a few miles away from the Gulf of Mexico, Enrique Castillo has built a career as Business Coach and Mentor; managing challenging businesses and turning them around. Self taught musician, sculptor and writer add up to his formal Chemical Engineering and Executive MBA studies.

Co-Founder and member of the Board of VISION AC, an ethics, values and competences training academy to develop individuals into professionals. Designer and owner of DSPS (Dynamic Strategic Planning System), used to align business models, operate companies in distress and enhance individual growth.