The Growth Principle
"The growth is in the path,
not at the finish line..."

Switch from a Goal Driven to a Growth Driven philosophy, and live your life today.

The GROWTH principle focuses on continuous improvement philosophy with handy awareness tools.  Its main intention is to shift from Goal Oriented drivers to a more fulfilling constant improvement process as a human being within all interaction phases of our existence. 

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There are lessons to be learned from every event we face in life...  here I share with you the ones I value the most.


TGP. #1 Best Seller in Amazon.Com

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     Last week “The Growth Principle” book reached position #1 in the Best-Seller list for Social Theory Category, and #4 in Self Help – Journal Writing on e-book publications.
     It is a milestone in a long journey that started several years ago.  I am happy that this tool has reached those who are looking to grow, and helped them one way or another.  Next milestone is to finally setup the ERGO test as an APP so that it can also help all of you in a daily basis to keep measuring your constant revolution.
     Thanks for making it #1 and for reaching out.
Enrique Castillo



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